Doggie Daytrip last weekend!

by Chun-Soon on September 24, 2009


This past Saturday we took 2 dogs on an All Day Play to Morristown National Historic Park! Phyllis, Daisy, Max & I are still recovering from all the running, jumping, hunting and fun!

IMG_8480Even though we set out super-early in the morning, everyone was wide awake in the car…ready for Adventure!  Phyllis and Daisy kept their eyes out the window and patiently waited as we propelled them to their destiny: TOTAL COUNTRY OUTING.

The Park played an important role during the Revolutionary War; wayfaring soldiers almost starved to death within these woods, subsisting on black tree bark. Markers along the trails tell us about this sort of thing.


…But what do dogs care of the Revolutionary War? Nothing!! Phyllis and Daisy only care about one thing, and that is Wilderness Hiking Adventure. Max and I took turns running with the dogs, taking photos, and gasping for breath. Even little Daisy, whose mom told us would not be “big on exercise”, gave me a workout!


Our Doggie Daytrips run on weekends and can range from an Afternoon Jaunt (4-5 hours) to an All Day Play (7-8 hours). We will pick your dog up in the morning and return her to you relaxed, exhausted and very happy. Going to be out and about all weekend? We’ll take your dog upcountry for a change. If you want to come along, you’re welcome too! Your dog would have even more fun. If the day’s trip was wet and slushy, muddy, etc. we will clean your puppy up before bringing him back! We always pack food, fresh water, towels, toys, and the necessary treats. Autumn in the best time of year forDaytrips, too… tick season’s over.


Taking a much-needed (by Max!) break.


Where do we go now? Is it time for lunch yet? What’s next on the day’s agenda, and does it mean more fun?

YES!!! Yes it Does!


… This is so great. My mom is the BEST!!


The best part about running a business like ProspectBArk! is that I get to improve the lives of so many animals. On our Doggie Daytrips, I actually see what a day of fresh air, exercise and natural surroundings can do for a dog.  And because I take a zillion pictures of the trip, the dog’s humans can see it too. It’s so satisfying!

IMG_8684…the quiet ride home, drifting into dreams about the forest….

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