A vacation for you, a Stay-cation for them!

by Chun-Soon on November 14, 2009


mmm… Turkey (or tofurky)  in the oven, apple cider steeping in the pot, orange leaves crunching underfoot. These are the best things about Fall. Are you planning to travel this Holiday Season? Do you worry what will happen to your beloved pets when you’re away?

Worry no more! Trust your pet’s care to us, and we’ll turn your holiday vacation into a STAYcation for your pets! Let our trained animal care professionals come over and walk your dog, throw the ball, give a good tummy rub, and make sure the plants are watered. We’ll stop by for a nice visit, or spend the night curled up by your cat. Who says your pets have to be lonely while you’re away?

To top it off, ProspectBArk will NOT be charging any holiday or weekend surcharges this year!
That’s right, NO HOLIDAY FEES!

Half hour visits for one cat or dog are $18, $23 for 2
Hour visits are $23, or $28 for 2 pets
Overnight stays for one cat are $23, $28 for 2 or more cats
Overnights stays for one dog are $60 and $70 for 2 dogs. They include a morning and evening walk.

Rates include plant care, a light tidy, mail pickup, and the best at-home experience your pets can have!

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Here’s what one client had to say about our Pet Sitting:

“My husband and I went on vacation for 8 days and hired Prospect Bark to take care of our four animals, 2 dogs and 2 cats, while we were out of town. Our previous vacation was not at all relaxing because we were constantly worried about how our dogs were doing and kept getting bad reports from our friend who was animal sitting. So this time we decided if we were going to really enjoy our vacation and make it worthwhile, we would hire a professional dog-sitter. After much research online, we only found one organization that did not have negative reports – Prospect Bark! We called the business and left a message. Chun-Soon got back to us within a day and arranged to come by the following week to accompany my husband on a walk with the dogs and learn about our animals so we could all get a feel for how well the pet-sitting would work out. Our dogs are both rescues who each have “issues” from their previous abusive living situations. One of our dogs, Willy, is quite aggressive and doesn’t like most people so we always knew that boarding him while out of town would not be an option and worried about whether we could find someone that he would accept in his home to pet-sit other than a friend or family member that we’d slowly gotten Willy used to. But, we were immediately put at ease when Chun-Soon arrived. All the pets took to her right away – Chun-Soon definitely knows how to communicate with animals of all species – and our nerves were eased. By the time we had wrapped up all the logistics planning with Chun-Soon, all our animals had become good friends with her and she assured us that they would have a great “stay-cation” while my husband and I were on vacation. That immediately turned my feelings of guilt and anxiety about leaving the dogs behind to feelings of excitement for the great time that they would have while we were away!

While we were on vacation, Chun-Soon sent us daily, detailed e-mails about the animals including how their walks were going, funny things the animals had done, and the training projects she worked on with them (like teaching our dogs how to walk on a leash without pulling!). The e-mails become a daily part of our vacation that we looked forward and allowed us to fully enjoy our trip knowing that all our animals were having a blast well.

Hiring Prospect Bark to take care of our pets was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Chun-Soon was incredibly attentive to the animals and to our need to know that our “kids” were doing great without us! We didn’t worry for one minute about our animnals while on vacation this time – allowing us to truly enjoy our time away. It was such a relief to come home to happy, relaxed pets and a clean house that didn’t smell like cat litter instead of the usual anxious animals and messy house that await us when we’ve had friends pet-sit. I highly recommend Prospect Bark to all cat and dog owners!”

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