February Pet of the Month: Winston!

by Chun-Soon on February 4, 2010

Our February Pet of the Month is Winston, a gorgeous pit mix from the South Slope. What a stunner. When Winston isn’t gazing at you intently with his beautiful eyes, he is bounding around you in circles, ready to play! A rescue from humble origins, Winston has come a long way, and if his mom and dad have any say in the matter, he has a long, wonderful life ahead of him!

Winston gets a treat-filled Doggy Bag, a surprise gift, and his parents receive a free 8 x 10 color print of him! Go Winston!

Name:  Sir Winston Chesterfield, aka Winston, Winstee, Winstums

Gender: male

DOB: possibly Oct 2008?

Breed: pit bull mix

About me: I am a large and rambunctious young male, who loves endless games of toss/retrieve the (insert noun here… any noun…. sock, ball, toy, paper towel, pillow, leash, piece of trash, etc ). I am also a power snuggler, and love to be held like a baby- by anyone strong enough to lift my 70 lb frame.

My Walkers: are Max and Sam

Favorite Toy: squeaky Cuz ball, any plush toy

My Best Friend: Daddy (Cory)

Favorite place to nap: Either in the sun, or on a lap

The Perfect Day for me would be: Morning walk to the park,  then breakfast, play session, nap, walk, play session, nap, play, dinner, play, walk, cuddle on couch, walk, bed.

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