March Pet of the Month: Dempsey!

by Chun-Soon on March 5, 2010

Say hello to Dempsey – our March Pet of the Month! Dempsey is an absolutely adorable Australian Cattle Dog who always seems to have a great, big smile on his face. Born and raised in Alaska, this pup is a PLG transplant whose favorite pastimes are his daily walks, occasional play dates, and nice, long naps!

Sam, Dempsey’s walker, thinks he’s just fabulous: “The thing that I love most about Dempsey is his sweet and gentle nature. On certain days he will look up at me and give me this look that makes me positively melt.  The first time he ever gave me his ‘look’ I was so in awe that I remember writing in my note to Molly that I had to go back and pick up my ‘pile of melt’ in the park.  That is how sweet Dempsey is.  He has a very wise soul and always brightens my day.  I love Dempsey-Doo and cannot get enough of him!  I feel truly lucky to be his walker.”

Dempsey gets a treat-filled Doggy Bag, a surprise gift, and his mom, Molly, receives a free 8 x 10 color print of him! Congratulations!

Name: Dempsey, aka Dempsey-Doo, Dempsey-Doodle, Mr. D.

Gender: Male

DOB: Unknown, but he’s about 10 years old

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

About me: My mom adopted me in Alaska in 2008. Before that, I had a bunch of homes and was in and out of the shelter more times than I can count. Mom and I lived in Alaska together for a year before moving to New York. We drove and drove and drove, and I was super nervous, but I actually found that I really like New York. There are lots of REALLY interesting things to smell on our block, and we live right by Prospect Park, so sometimes I get to climb over snowbanks and pretend we’re still in Alaska. AND, I now have the coolest, nicest dog-walker EVER. She comes and sees me every day!

My Walker: Sam.

Favorite Toy: My squeaky sheep.

My Best Friend: My best friend still lives in Alaska. Her name is Trance. She’s a shelter dog like me, and her mom was my foster-mom while I waited for someone to adopt me.

Favorite place to nap: Anywhere soft. I have my own bed, but I also like napping on Mom’s bed and on the couch.

The Perfect Day for me would be: breakfast, followed by a walk in Prospect Park, a nice long nap (on the couch), snacks followed by a nap, then a quick walk around the block, a nap (preferably near Mom), then play-time with friends, dinner-time followed by a walk, then maybe some time to chew my chewies. Then bed time!

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