April Pet(s) of the Month: Minnie & Sir Toby!

by Chun-Soon on April 7, 2010

This April, our Pet(s) of the Month are a winsome twosome, Minnie and Sir Toby of  PLG! This self-described Upstate Country Lady and Brooklyn Swaggerer keep their folks, David and Nicole, quite on their toes.

The pretty kitties get a treat-filled gift bag,  and their companion humans get an 8×10 digital print! Congratulations!

Name: Minnie (Moo-Moo; Minushka; The Minister of Catnaps) / Sir Toby (Tobino; Tobias T. Tickleworth; The Belly)

Gender:  female / male

DOB: July 4, 1997 (celebrated)/ July 4, 2006 (pretty close to actual)

Breed: Upstate Country Lady / Brooklyn Swaggerer

Relation to each other: Minnie’s the wryly beleaguered mother to Sir Toby’s goofy, obnoxious perpetual teen.

Favorite Toys: Minnie – the classics (strings, ribbons, laser pointers). Toby –  would-be edgy alternatives (still-shelled nuts, books or dishes on high shelves, and The Giant Furry Feathered Prawn)

About us: Minnie –  “In my early years, I was a live-for-the-moment member of catkind. It was a wonderful time and I do not regret it in the least, as it allowed me to give birth to four exquisite sets of kittens. But when I moved to Syracuse, New York (and, for a time, Bloomington, Indiana) I began to understand the virtues of a more contemplative life. The culmination of this period was a two-year trip abroad. For most of that time I lived in Italy, first in Florence and then in the Umbrian countryside; of my time in Canada, no cat should speak. Coming to Brooklyn and shortly thereafter taking on the role of foster mother have allowed me to bring together the two primary strands of my life. I have the highest possible regard for Sam and her courteous attentions to our needs.”

Toby – “Dude! The Prawn!”

Our Sitter: Sam

Best Friends: Each other, no matter what we say.

Favorite place to nap: Minnie – in winter, a warm lap; in summer, a cool closet shelf. Toby – any cardboard box.

The Perfect Day for me would be: Minnie – “A rich, flavorful breaking of the fast followed by a furtive trip into the carpeted hallways of our building, all gloriously crowned by a long nap until the next sumptuous meal.” Toby – “Complete and utter prawn war! I win! And then I totally get, like, carried around in a cardboard box for as long as I want and don’t even vomit.”

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1 Ned April 8, 2010 at 6:35 am

And to think I’ve actually gotten to see one of them.

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