June Pet of the Month: Owan!

by Chun-Soon on June 13, 2010

Our June Pet of the Month is a spritely little Jack Russel in Prospect Heights named Owan. This lucky pup gets a treat-filled gift bag, and his family gets an 8×10 digital print! Congratulations!

Name: Owan Rocket Federici-Siegal. Owan is actually an acronym, but it embarrasses me so I’m not going to reveal what it stands for.  I also answer to “Owie” — and by “answer” I mean “stare at you briefly and then go do what I want to do.”

Gender: Male, baby.

DOB: June 2003

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

About me: I’ve had a crazy life.  I was stolen from a pet store when I was a puppy, and then I escaped from those criminals.  I was found wandering the highway by a loving family, but they gave me up because I didn’t get along with their horse (he was a jerk).  Then I was adopted by the Siegal/Federicis and they are fine with three goofball kids who drop enough food by accident that I’ll stick around.

My Walker: Gina!  She is the best person I have ever met, and writes great notes, and she can almost keep up with me.  Sometimes she lets me ride around on her shoulder like a pirate’s parrot.

Favorite Toy: A rubber chicken that Gina gave me.  I loved it and then I murdered it, but I still love it.

My Best Friend: Gina. 

Favorite place to nap: A pile of clean laundry. 

The Perfect Day for me would be: Running around with Gina.  She would spray me with a hose and I would drink the water and then try to murder it.  My family could come too.

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