July Pet of the Month: Roko!

by Chun-Soon on July 2, 2010

This 4th of July, an adorable Westie in the Slope has more to celebrate than just some ol’  fireworks over the park — he’s our July Pet of the Month! Roko gets a treat-filled gift bag, and his newly-wed parents get an 8×10 digital print! Congratulations!

Name: Roko (as in, “Rocco”). My name is Bosnian, where I was born. I am Yugoslav mafioso.

Gender: Very male

DOB: November 4, 2004

Breed: West Highland Terrier

About me: I am unfixed and smart. Dogs my size are of very little interest to me because I prefer a challenge. I presume I hold a grand intellectual advantage over all other canines. When I meet a larger dog, my aim is to have him on his back within five minutes. I’ll then poke him in the eye with my paw and he will respect me. Nonetheless, humans think I am “cute” and I don’t let them know that I care.

My Walker: Katie.

Favorite Toy: The noisy toy I just got–oops!–just tore the soundmaker out.

My Best Friend: My mom, but no one can know that.

Favorite place to nap: My cave. I always find a cave.

The Perfect Day for me would be: Snow! Lots and lots of snow!

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