ProspectBArk is collecting donations for Break the Chain Program on Dec. 14th, 2013.

by Chun-Soon on December 6, 2013


This year marks our fifth holiday season, and we have so much to be grateful for. As one of the city’s largest and most dedicated pet care companies, we would like to help give back to the animals, this Christmas.
Break the Chain Program is an organisation in Long Island that provides blankets, pet supplies, food and support to the many “outdoor dogs” and needy families of Suffolk county. Founded in 2009 by Kathleen Gallina, Break the Chain Program’s ultimate goal is to help foster a better quality of life for these unfortunate dogs, by helping their owners in any way they can. Comprised of a small, all-volunteer team, Break the Chain Program donates pet supplies and free spay/neuter services to low-income families. The Program also feeds and aids stray cat colonies through its trap-neuter-release efforts.
Do you have any extra toys, treats or bedding, no longer needed or of interest to your pet? Any pet food  that is now just languishing, rejected and uneaten, in the cupboard? Now you can clear out, clean up, and put this stuff to good use! 
Here’s a list of items you can donate:
  • blankets
  • pet food
  • toys
  • treats
  • grooming samples (shampoo, nail trimmers, brushes, etc)
  • leftover pet meds (heartworm meds, antiobiotics, flea and tick meds – but not Hartz due to health issues)
  • leashes
  • crates
  • pet bedding
Break the Chain Program also accepts donations for people, as many of these families do not have warm clothes for winter, enough food, etc. These tireless volunteers work year round, even delivering thanksgiving dinners to families last Thursday. With over 4,000 fans on their facebook page, it’s clear that they are making an impact in their community.
We will be driving around collecting donations on Saturday, December 14th, and delivering them, with love, to Break the Chain Program the following week. If you would like to contribute, please send us an email and let us know, so we can put you on our pickup map for Saturday.
We’d like to thank all our clients for the wonderful homes they provide for their cats and dogs. Thank you for helping us reach out to pets who aren’t as lucky!


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