Snow Advisory for Friday, Jan 3rd!

by Chun-Soon on January 1, 2014

Tien in the snow

WEATHER ADVISORY TOMORROW:  A word of appreciation to the Awesome Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters of ProspectBArk! out there in this freezing cold: We’ve added money to your payroll account for tomorrow, Friday Dec 3rd – GET A HOT CHOCOLATE ON US! Please remember to wear warm layers, wear plastic bags under your socks, and take plenty of breaks to get warm. Safety over speed, tomorrow. Look for warm gear and paw-wear for the pups, and if they get too cold, bring them in early to spend the rest of the time warming up and getting dry.

For our Clients: We are waiving the same day cancellation fees for tomorrow, so if you decide to stay home or your office closes tomorrow, you can cancel your dog walk without a fee. Just let us know, via your booking emails, as soon as you can so that we can alert your walker. We are ALL WEATHER WALKERS – if you don’t cancel tomorrow, we are coming. Due to the weather, though, we might be a bit late. But we are Coming!

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