You Can Call Me #AltheKitty.

by Chun-Soon on January 23, 2015


A few weeks ago, ProspectBArk’s founder and co-owner Chun-Soon Li got a call about a distressed stray cat, huddled in front of a building, unable to move. He was covered in blood and bits of tar, with large open wounds on his back. You could see his rib bones moving under muscle tissue, and there were large areas on his back with the skin just … ripped off. Al was too weak to stand, but had a healthy appetite and a will to live!

Al was rushed to VERG, the 24-hr emergency vet in Cobble Hill, where they sutured him from shoulder blades to tail, and down his left hip. It was, according to Dr. Cherrone, “one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen.” Almost completely shaven and with over 35 stitches and staples, photos of Al the Franken-kitty started to circulate on facebook, with animal-lovers from all over the city asking what had happened to him, and how they could help. ProspectBArk staff set up a fundraising page to help with his vet bills (estimated costs over 8k), and the donations started to flood in.

But what exactly did happen to Al? In the winter, stray cats often seek warmth under the hoods of parked cars. If they’re still there when the ignition is turned on, they can get caught in the car’s fan belt, which results in horrible injury or death. An easy way to prevent this is to BANG ON THE HOOD before starting your car, or HONK YOUR HORN before you turn that ignition. These steps take just a moment, but can help homeless cats avoid getting mangled by the car’s fan belt.

Use #Alkitty to help ProspectBArk spread the word about this one stray cat – in a million – who can teach us how to help the homeless cats of NYC this winter.

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