Andrea Ruth Grizer, Professional Pet Caretaker

"I feel extremely lucky to wake up smiling, because I know my day will be spent caring for animals!!"

Neighborhoods: South Slope

About me: Huge lover of people and animals! Born in Colombia, and raised in Brooklyn. I spent many years helping raise children, run fundraiser/volunteer for individuals impacted by natural disaster. Spent 6 years working with disabled adults, which was truly rewarding. To sum it up with life comes the inevitable; the ups and downs, moving, relationships, money, college, and career. The one thing without a fail that has given me complete comfort is coming home to my Cat, Jumping Jello (JJ) whom my family adopted at 5 months, 13 years ago!! After being unemployed for 5 months (times are tough) I saw an ad for Prospect Bark; looked at the website, read reviews, had my own meet and greet with the owners (those aren't just for you). I knew in my gut this is for me!!! Now everyday I get to kiss my little guy goodbye for the day to care for your babies/members of your families. I feel extremely lucky to wake up smiling, because I know my day will be spent caring for animals!!

Can't wait to continue the relationships I have gained thus far, and add more friends to my daily/weekly routine. So go to work, go on vacation, and leave them with me, stress free! I promise they are in the best of hands!

Favorite Dog Breed: Is that a serious question? ALL OF THEM =)

When I'm not with other peoples' animals, I'm Caring for my 2 cats, spending time with my family, and friends. Thinking about what I will eat next (I love food esp. Bacon & Pasta.) Lastly, day dreaming of where I shall travel next.

Comments about Andrea:

"I was very anxious about leaving my Addileigh alone during the day while I was at work. She's a rescue and I was worried that being alone for so long would be too much for her. I was also a bit hesitant about having a stranger come over to walk her each day. But, after meeting Andrea and seeing how she interacted with Addileigh and how much she generally cares for her, all my fears went away. Andrea goes above and beyond each day to make sure Addy feels safe, loved and cared for. I could not be happier having her as our dogwalker."
~ Joe & Addileigh