Ben Quesnell, ProspectBArk Field Manager!

"Forget about the Brooklyn zoo being in Prospect Park, the zoo was in my house."

Neighborhoods: Fort Greene & Clinton Hill

About me:I was born into a family of animal lovers so I was destined to be one as well. I grew up in a multiple cat and dog household where at all times at least one of our little furries were right by my side. Forget about the Brooklyn zoo being in Prospect Park, the zoo was in my house. I can't imagine having grown up any other way though. Eventually this would propel me into the veterinary field where I worked as a vet tech for six years. I had thought why not contribute to healing sick animals?, ... and I did and it was truly rewarding but it did take its toll on me.

I decided to get back into working with animals but this time in a capacity where they're all healthy. Dog walking and cat sitting is perfect. I can take a stroll with a doggy in the neighborhood or spend time with a kitty in the comfort of his or her home instead of an animal hospital and still receive the same rewarding feeling that I would get when I was a vet tech.

Favorite Dog Breed: How to pick? Lab, newfie, german shorthair pointer, pug, min-pin ...

When I'm not walking dogs... I'm playing my guitar, reading, writing, exploring the city.

Comments about Ben:

"Ben has been a wonderful friend to my aging dog, Chelsea. With her mounting health concerns compounded by an anxious disposition, Ben's veterinary background and love of animals puts me completely at ease. He has proven to be an utterly reliable, loving, and flexible walker for my girl and I can't recommend him more highly!" ~ Jennifer & Chelsea, Clinton Hill
"Prospect Bark has been amazing! We have extremely busy and ever-changing schedules. However, they are always able to accommodate us whether it's an extra walk or a last minute overnight stay... Ben is terrific! He keeps us in the loop and lets us know if anything is going on with our two dogs. We love that he has a veterinary background and feel beyond confident in his care of our animals. We can tell that he really cares about them!" ~ J, L, Buster & Jojo, Fort Greene
"Ben's an amazing walker. My dog Roman loves him. He doesn't stop talking about him, 'On the way home today, Ben took me to the park.. Ben and I played fetch.. etc, etc.' Ben's always on top of our schedule and goes out of his way to keep Roman safe and happy. I'd recommend him highly to anyone." ~ Michael & Roman, Clinton Hill