Beth Marchetti, ProspectBArk All-Star!

"There is no better feeling than being surrounded by furry faces and watching people make a connection with an animal."

Neighborhoods: Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights

About me:I grew up in southern New Hampshire and have always been an animal lover. Clifford, our family's Golden Retriever, and I were bonded from the start. My aunt loves telling a story about the summer she came for a visit. I was in my baby bouncer with Clifford at my side. He looked at me and licked the entire side of my face while I laughed. When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was explore the surrounding woods with my Uncle. We would look around for various wildlife. Frogs and toads were my favorites to find and hold. My uncle always made sure that I understood how important it was to release them back to their homes.

We took in two stray cats when I was in middle school. Fred E. Freeloader was a big brown tabby. He had a black and white tuxedo'd brother we named Michael Jackson. I would wander the same woods my uncle and I explored. They were always at my side. It felt like they were protecting me from any hidden dangers. That grateful attitude taught me the importance of adoption/rescue.

As an adult, I lived in Maryland for a couple of years working at a Petco as the Companion Animal Manager. In my spare time I volunteered at a rescue on the Eastern Shore and loved it. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by furry faces and watching people make a connection with an animal. I also am certified in dog obedience through the Animal Behavior College. I took some of their veterinarian technician classes as well. I currently share my apartment with Mama Beans, a beautiful tuxedo tabby, Harley, a fluffy and sassy lionhead/lop eared bunny rabbit, Sergeant Peanut a bright yellow/burnt orange motley butter cornsnake, Senorita Skippy a white/lavender snow cornsnake, McQueen and Dior 2 tree frogs who love talking to each other, and my two betta fish, Simon and Denim. I am excited to meet new animals. I have always had a connection with them and am looking forward to making new furry friends!

Favorite Dog Breed: It's so hard to choose! I love mixed breeds because you get a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

When I'm not with other peoples' animals I'm tending to my own mini zoo at home! They require a lot of work, but they're worth it. I recently bought a full sized keyboard and have been enjoying getting back into music. I also am obsessed with The Wire. It's such a complex show that I am always noticing new things. In a way, it has ruined all TV for me. :p

Comments about Beth:

"Where do I begin? It's so evident to me that Levi loves Beth and that fills my heart with joy! Beth is so kind and even-tempered and loving with Levi that I don't even think twice about his care during the day except to know and appreciate that he's with someone who will care for him and look out for him like I do. Each day I look forward to Beth's fun and informative texts about Levi's walks and the goofy and adorable photos she takes of Levi and any pal he happens to see. It's huge for me, as I'm sure it is with many people, to be able to trust the person that is taking care of my beloved pet and also coming into my home. And I know that I can trust Beth. I feel that unequivocally."
~ Janine & Levi
"Finding the perfect dog walker is not easy when you are obsessed with your dog! Beth has been extremely kind, caring, and flexible with our walking schedule. I wait for my daily text from Beth, which is always detailed with what they did on their walk and what kind of "business" happened. The best part - each day, she sends a picture to me of my very happy dog out and about. Prospect BArk has been completely dependable for the past three years, and I love that they always have a backup walker in place in case one is ever needed. We love Beth!"
~ Jaclyn & Addy
"Beth has been so amazing with little Murray. She understands that he can get nervous outside and she's able to keep him calm, safe, and happy on his walk while encouraging and allowing him to push himself past his comfort zone. Her consistency and constant praise with him daily has helped to make huge strides in his confidence. Every day I know I can count on Beth to give me a very helpful and detailed update on Murray's walk. Beth has also been really great about keeping Murray bundled up when outside and making sure his paws are salt free and clean after walks during this terribly cold and icy winter. It means the world to me that she'll do little things like that. It's such a relief to know that he's being well taken care by someone whom I trust and know only has his best interests in mind. I've been so happy with everyone at Prospect Bark, I couldn't imagine using anyone else to take of my boy!"
~ Megan & Murray
"I cannot say enough positive words about my experience with Prospect Bark. I adopted my pup Charlie and needed to hire a walker within 12 hours for work the next day. They came to the rescue immediately and placed Charlie with Beth, one of the most caring, sweetest dog lovers I have ever met! She provided amazing daily updates and really cared about Charlie's well-being. To the point that she couldn't resist buying her chew toys every overnight stay! She spoiled Charlie rotten and was available 24/7 with any questions I had. And Chun-Soon, the owner was always accessible as well if I had any questions ranging from services to billing, etc. Everyone is always only a phone call, text or email away and incredibly responsive. Even though they service a huge borough and many customers, I always felt like the only one and never got the sense anyone was too busy or overwhelmed for me. When I moved from Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg, there was no hesitation in continuing with Chun-Soon and her amazing walkers. My new walker, Emma who serves my new neighborhood is a joy as well!"
~ Katie & Charlie