Eileen Trott, Professional Pet Caretaker

"I can't imagine a life without a dopey dog or an uninterested cat by my side"

Neighborhoods: Park Slope

About me: Caring for animals has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have owned 7 dogs, 6 cats, 5 rats, and countless gerbils.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn in a family of animal lovers. My parents would tell me I was their 8th child because they already had 4 cats and 3 dogs when I was born (Winslow, Wendy, Nicky, Nips, Freddy, Jeremy and Georgie Girl). I would make my parents tell me each of our pet's rescue stories until I knew them all by heart. I would then retell the stories starting with the phrase "Remember when WE found Georgie Girl...", as if I had been there.

Caring for animals makes me happy. I can't imagine a life without a dopey dog or an uninterested cat by my side (I currently have one of each in my family). Coming home to sloppy kisses from my Pitbulls, Leroi and Lester, and purring leg rubs from my cat, Lenny, are some of the greatest joys in life. Walking dogs is the most enjoyable and satisfying job I've ever had. I love taking care of animals and making sure they are as happy and healthy as possible until their owners come home.

Favorite Dog Breed: I love all breeds of dogs but my absolute favorite dog breed ever is the Bull Terrier. I saw the musical version of Oliver Twist when I was little and ever since I have wanted my very own Bullseye!

What do I do when I'm not walkin' dogs? Aside from a passion for animals I also love to cook, travel, crochet, and garden.

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