Erin Zielke, Professional Pet Caretaker

"I have a soft spot for pretty much any four legged creature."

Neighborhoods: Greenpoint

About me: I truly cannot remember a time when my family did not have an animal of some kind running around the house. I was privileged to have had a wide variety; my mom loves all things furry and my dad all things scaly so I have a soft spot for pretty much any four legged creature. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that my first job was working at a Veterinary Clinic. I am so glad that I had the experience because I not only got to be with animals, but I also learned how to really care for them. I am originally from Kansas, but for a long time I have wanted to spread my wings and live in New York, so here I am! Animals just provide a love that nothing else can and to be able to say that hanging out with them is my job is an amazing opportunity and privilege.

Favorite Dog Breed: I love a good Shelter Mutt. My first dog that was really "mine" was a little terrier mix that I had brought home from the Veterinary Clinic when she was found wandering around and no one claimed her. I feel like strays and rescues just have a particular personality - they are so grateful and form a tight bond with their rescuer because you earned their trust. I also enjoy a very beefy bulldog.

What I'm not walking dogs... I love being with my friends, live music, reading, and watching a good Netflix show, with our cat on my lap.

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