Jessica Miracola, ProspectBArk All-Star!

"Now I am finally living my dream of working with pets every day!"

Neighborhoods: Prospect Heights, Crown Heights

About me: I have had a tremendous and deep love for animals ever since I can remember...

Having spent my formative years on a mountain in upstate New York, the squirrels, chipmunks, feral cats, cows, turtles, bunnies, caterpillars and even the ants were all my first real friends in life.

After living in Florida for 17 years I moved back to New York and quickly was devastated by what I learned about the plight of NYC's homeless animals. I decided to do my part by taking on my first foster dog, Mello, a Pit Bull who was saved by a local rescue group from NYC ACC's "Death Row" list. After meeting and getting to know him I realized how misunderstood Pit Bulls are and felt a strong need to champion the fight against the ignorance (I also felt the need to ADOPT him so now he's a permanent part of the family!) Since then I have been actively involved in animal rights advocacy, volunteering for several local groups ranging from rescues to community outreach programs that teach the need for and supply spay-neuter services, as well as other necessary medical and behavioral care.

I also have a beloved rescued Weimaraner named Vegas. Using Positive Reinforcement Training I have taught both my boys to be the very best doggies they can be! Now I am finally living my dream of working with dogs (and cats!) every day. I wake up every day now looking forward to seeing all of my furry clients, spending fun time with them and making them feel as special as each and every one of them truly are!

UPDATE: To further my career working with animals, I have enrolled at the Bancroft School of Animal and Equine Massage, to become a certified Small Animal Massage Therapist (which qualifies me to work with cats and dogs). I am really excited about this new chapter in my work!

Favorite Dog Breed: I honestly love all dogs! But Pit Bulls and "Pit Bull-Type Dogs" have a special place in my heart.

When I'm not walking dogs... I'm spending quality time with my own pups at home or on jaunts to Prospect Park. And if I have the time, I head upstate to my family's lake cottage where I spent my summers as a kid. It's right by the Berkshire Mountains where I adore hiking, biking, sight-seeing and relaxing.

Comments about Jessica:

"We LOVE Jessica! We've had lots of communication with her, and she sends daily photos, which we love. I think inching up the walk time from 3pm to a 2-2:30 departure has been working great for Coop as well. Thanks for being so flexible on that timing, Jessica!" ~ Tracy and Cooper
"Jessica writes great notes and is always on top of communication. And if she can't communicate, she always lets us know (which was only that one time when her phone broke). Estella seems to love her. I always come back to a happy dog! She also seems to really love Estella which means a lot to us :)" ~ Anne and Estella
"I would just like to give a little shout out to Jessica for her iPhone skills!She texts me the cutest pictures of Haile every day!" ~ Lyndsey and Haile, via text