Malika Wasem, Professional Pet Caretaker

"Working with animals doesn't feel like work at all but an act of pure joy."

Neighborhoods: Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, PLG

About me: Growing up I had always wanted pets but my mom wasn't too keen on the idea. Whenever I went to visit my cousins who had all types of pets such as guinea pigs, puppies, rats and hamsters, I felt right at home. I was the person at parties who instead of socializing with the crowd, I was making conversation with the dog. Being around animals is not only therapeutic but brings people together. After 2 years of being with my partner, we got a cute little dachshund/poodle mix puppy named Dilla and now our family is complete. Not a day goes by where I am not showered with wet kisses from him and infinite cuddling. There is no feeling that compares to watching your dog run at you with a tongue hanging out the side of their mouth because they're so excited to see you when you get home. I hope to get involved more with organizations who want to better the lives of all animals and to provide safe and loving homes. Working with animals doesn't feel like work at all but an act of pure joy. Whenever I'm walking down the street and a dog walks by, they always try to get close to me and say hi. They can sense that they have a friend when it comes to me.

Favorite Dog Breed: the Pomeranian. They're cute and sassy fluff balls!

When I'm not walking dogs... I'm staring at pictures of puppies online. I also like to bike, skateboard, write poetry, lay in parks, and read good mystery novels.

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