Peter Silsby, Professional Pet Caretaker

"We imagined all kinds of dramatic reasons why Dobie had wound up in the animal shelter."

Neighborhoods: Prospect Heights & Crown Heights

About me:My first dog, Dobie, was not a puppy like I really wanted. He came from the animal shelter. I was disappointed not to have a puppy, but Dobie was so charming that I quickly got over that. Whenever we drove somewhere, Dobie made us roll down the window so he could stick his head out. He also liked to roll around in the snow and make "dog angels." My brothers and sister and I wondered how anyone could give up such an amazing dog. We imagined all kinds of dramatic reasons why Dobie had wound up in the animal shelter. Maybe there was a twister like in The Wizard of Oz, we thought, or maybe a fire where Dobie tried to rescue the whole family but then the house collapsed and he just barely got out alive with the baby. We were sure it had to be something like that. He was such a wonderful dog it simply had to be something like that. We came to see ourselves as a very lucky family to have him. Like all the animals in our lives, and we had many, including fish, mice, gerbils, birds, snakes, rabbits, turtles, cats, and later other dogs, Dobie enlivened our imaginations, called on our capacity for sympathy and care. Like all animals do, he taught us how to be human.

Favorite Dog Breed: Great Dane

When I'm not walking dogs... I write novels and songs.

Comments about Peter:

"Peter is a great walker and friend to my little guy, Choo-Choo. In addition to giving my pup a work-out and lots of play-time each day, Peter is accommodating, communicative, and prompt. I never worry about late or short walks with Peter and when I come home, I can tell that Choo enjoyed lots of exercise and socialization. Peter and ProspectBArk give me the peace of mind I need to focus on my work and other obligations and for that, I am very grateful!"
~ Thea and Chewy
"Peter and Watson are best buds! Peter always makes sure I know if anything is out of the ordinary with his demeanor or 'business' habits. I also get a photo every day along with the update. Peter even came and brought me my extra set of keys late on a cold winter night when I lost mine flying home from Christmas vacation. He's the best!"
~ Kate & Watson
"We were nervous about leaving Sperry with a new friend every day when we moved to Brooklyn. She is not always the easiest pup to handle with all of her energy and need of attention. The team made our transition seamless and we always know Sperry is in great hands. We have had several of the team members pitch in with Sperry and everyone was equally wonderful. Our full time walker, Peter is terrific and Sperry's energy is no challenge for him. He is trust worthy, prompt, always responsive but most of all we know he gives Sperry all the love she needs. We would recommend Peter and ProspectBark to anyone!"
~ Kara, Jamie & Sperry
"We love Peter! He has been walking our Riley for quite a while now, and we've never had a single problem. Riley can be quite the handful as she's the friendliest, silliest 70 lbs of muscle you'll every meet, but Peter handles her like a pro. He's very accommodating and communicative which is always appreciated. He's also punctual which is very important to us, as Riley is happiest when she's in a routine. We can't recommend him enough!"
~ Erin,Jamin & Riley
"Since Peter has started walking Max, I have seen such a positive change in his behavior. Peter is always prompt, always a great communicator, and I can tell just how much he loves the animals he cares for. If you are looking for someone to care deeply for your pup on walks just as you would, Peter is your guy!"
~ Peter & Max
"Peter is an extremely responsive and responsible dog walker. He is prompt with communication and great with our dog Luanne. When she was in training he asked to learn what we covered every week to ensure he wasn't letting the dog break our new rules. One day we were still home when we needed Peter to take her out. All we needed to see was how she lit up when he walked in to know he is a great care taker. We are very happy to have been assigned Peter and would recommend him without hesitation.
~ Seth Kristin & Luanne
"Peter is fantastic. We have had several wonderful walkers since joining Prospect Bark five years ago, and Peter is no exception. When baby 2 arrived in the early winter, we had no idea what our dog walking needs would look like. From day one, Peter was warm, reliable, and flexible. Roko, our pup, looks forward to his arrival--as does our two-year-old who giddily announces "Peter comes today!" over breakfast. Come rain or snow--and there has been A LOT of snow-- Peter shows up with a smile and an easygoing nature. He is also an incredibly intelligent and successful writer, someone who we instantly trusted with our home and our dog.
~ Emily & Roko