Tim Perkins, Professional Pet Caretaker

"Working to keep pets happy and healthy... is my mission."

Neighborhoods: Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus

About me: I am the proud owner of a Badass Brooklyn rescue pup named Annie. Watching her adapt to the environment of a stable home over the last several years has been an incredibly rewarding process. Annie was found in a kill shelter in the South and her age and upbringing are unknown - We just don't know much about where she came from before she found her way into our home. Teaching her trust, relaxation, and an understanding of family have all been instrumental in her development. She is the best friend I could ask for and such a loyal companion.

I greatly enjoy getting to know dogs of all breeds and personalities. Dogs bring such joy to daily life and working to keep pets happy and healthy is very fulfilling. Providing care and bonding with dogs and cats through personal connection is great for the animals and their people. This is my mission.

Favorite Dog Breed: Dachshunds, Beagles, English Bulldogs, Corgis, Irish Wolfhounds

When I'm not walking dogs... I'm writing music and seeing shows, working on my bike and riding in Red Hook, watching educational television and reading up on current events.

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