Dog Walks

ProspectBArk dog walkers are the best!We walk our dogs alone, or with 1-2 walking buddies.  At the end of each walk, we will towel-dry your pooch (if wet from rain), wipe her paws, and give a treat or meal as directed.  Our walkers are trained to walk the dogs with a backup safety collar in addition to your collar/harness, and they are certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid.

All clients receive a verification picture-text from the walk,  letting you know about the “pees ‘n poos”, and keeping you up-to-date on what you miss while you’re at work.


Dog Walk Prices:

20 minute quick stop: for those emergency runs. Includes a walk/jog, fresh water and food (optional) and a towel dry if it’s raining. $16 for a buddy walk with 1-2 other pups / $19 if a solo walk

half-hour walk: this is our most popular service. 30 mins is enough time for most pups to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and exercise, and get down to “business”. $20 for a buddy walk with 1-2 other pups / $23 if a solo walk

hour stroll: a morning or afternoon stroll at your dog’s pace. This is an excellent choice for crated dogs who need to stretch their legs, puppies and athletic dogs with energy to burn, and elderly dogs who need more time to enjoy their daily “constitutional”. $30 for a buddy walk (solo walking service not available for hour walks)

Special Requests

For each additional dog, please add $7
For solo walks, $3 (we assume that your dog can and wants to be walked with another dog. If this is not the case, we will go over what types of triggers and care specifics your dog needs to be safe on her walks)

For medication treatments (such as injections, compresses, eye ointments, etc.) $6   – note that  “pill pocket” type supplements and medicines given as treats are not charged a medication fee

same-day fee: walk requests or cancellations that come in after midnight the night before
AM, PM and weekend walks: before 10am, after 6pm and on weekends incur a $7 surcharge.


Please note that these rates are subject to NY State sales tax of 8.875%.

Our cancellation policy is simple: it is courteous to give your walker as much notice as possible when canceling. Please notify the office by midnight the night before your canceled day, and you’re in the clear. Any notifications later than midnight will be charged a $6 same-day cancellation fee. (Likewise, there is a same-day $6 booking fee for walk requests that come in after midnight).

PLEASE NOTE: The following holidays incur an additional $10 surcharge for each walk or visit:

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day – $12 holiday surcharge
  • Christmas Day – $12 holiday surcharge
  • New Year’s Day – $12 holiday surcharge

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