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Shawn and Erum, hard at work!

The TeamBArk Internship Program is great opportunity for college students, new grads, budding entrepreneurs and young professionals to gain new skills, acquire work experience, network with like-minded colleagues and learn first-hand the challenges of running – and growing – a startup company. We offer three types of internship positions:

  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Social Media / Marketing Internship
  • ADMIRAL: Office Admin Internship
  • CODESMITH: Web Design Internship

We offer college credit for participating universities. We require 18-24 hours per week, and you must be able to commute to our HQ in the Hudson Valley.

We have 3, 6 and 9 month internships available. If interested, please email us your resume, cover letter, career goals or course of study, and availability during the week.

We are currently hiring Interns for our Summer Intensive.

Here’s what some of our past interns have to say about the ProspectBArk Internship Program:

This was the best opportunity for me and the highlight of my summer. I got to work in a comfortable and friendly environment where I was free to ask any questions and was given comprehensive and thorough answers. I learned so much, from guerilla marketing strategies to simpler things like the use of Google Apps to help organize one’s workday and for even bigger projects. The target tasks each day helped me build skills in dB management and also helped me think about a company from a dynamic growth perspective, how to improve and grow the business every week. After my internship was done I received a very positive Letter of Recommendation, will helped me land some great interviews!”

~ Richard Philbert

“My summer with ProspectBArk was an instrumental step in my professional development. Chun-Soon provided a structured and safe environment to fine-tune my craft. She was also remarkably good at suggesting workarounds when I was stuck on a code issue. After the conclusion of my internship, Chun-Soon not only offered me multiple freelance opportunities, but also connected me with contacts of hers that led to more paid work. I have now been employed full-time in my field for just under two years, and the first step was absolutely my time with ProspectBArk.”
~ Shawn Rice,
“Erum, you’re simultaneously the VP of Marketing and the Marketing Intern”  is what Chun-Soon told me when I asked her if we could try an email strategy I’d read about in an article.   Basically, discuss pros/cons of your ideas with Chun-Soon and run with it if it’s a go.  If you’re someone that is motivated by hands-on real work, zero corporate red tape, stimulating strategy conversations, and a very sharp and passionate boss– apply yesterday!”
~ Erum Akhtar





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