Keys and Security

Q. Why do you require two sets of my keys? I’m not sure if I like having my keys floating around, and my landlord is giving me a hard time about getting key copies for my building.

A. ProspectBArk requires 2 sets of keys from our dog clients: one for your walker and one for the office. Your keys are given a color-coded tag with your dog’s name on it. Your name and address are not stored with any keys, and your walker is trained to keep them on the body at all times.

In the unlikely event that your keys are lost, we are fully insured and will take care of all lock changes, key copies and related expenses that may occur as a result.

Landlords will often give tenants a hard time about copying building keys; they want to keep tabs on the security of their building (your temporary home) as well as keep an eye on who’s living there. If your building manager, super, or landlord is refusing to give you a duplicate set of keys, or refusing to give you the security card to make duplicates yourself, then we will communicate with them on your behalf. We are an established, accredited, fully bonded company, and usually a building will relent once it realizes we have a legitimate need for access.

If you move or discontinue service, your two sets of keys will be returned to you promptly.

Q. Will I get to meet the walker before I give over my keys? How do I know that my belongings and pet are safe?

A. Our walkers and sitters are rigorously screened for their reliability, punctuality and professional standards in addition to having a special bond with animals. This job demands physical stamina, honesty, self-discipline and a smartphone. Saying that you just “love dogs” is not enough.

Our key and security policy is simple: No one gets your keys or access to your pet that you have not met and approved beforehand. You have the right to meet and get to know someone before they enter your home.

Meet your Walker