Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights, Who Let the Dogs Out?

Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights, Who Let the Dogs Out?

Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights are two swiftly developing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. For residents with dogs, this means chicken bones on the sidewalk every morning, really cheap coffee at the bodega, and excitement every time a neighborhood business catering to pets opens. In both Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, there are small, tight-knit groups of dog owners whose motivation to improve life for their animals usually has the side-effect of improving life for the people too. Whether it’s picking up glass bits in von King Park, to organizing for a dog run in Brower Park, ProspectBArk salutes the dedication and hard work these people put in.


Meet your Walker

Originally from Oklahoma, I have come to the big city, like so many, in search of big dreams.  Being an animal lover for as long as I can remember and a dog owner for the last 9 years, working at ProspectBArk has been the perfect opportunity to get to meet so many great pups and their owners; while getting acquainted with a new city at the same time.

Having a dog at your campsite makes it feel official.

I greatly enjoying getting to know each animal I’m with and finding the similarities between owner and critter.  I am very good at reinforcing your habits that you have for your pet and offering them a safe and fun bit of my time.  I’ve been through behavioral training with my dog and keep those skills of positive reinforcement and firm clear commands for a well behaved pup on the street.

Glenn is wonderful with Khan, very smart, and I trust him fully with my prized little boy. Khan is always excited to see him, and Glenn’s calming energy is great for my dog, who tends to have a bit of separation anxiety when it comes to my husband and me. I always feel assured that Khan will be well cared for when we have a big night out, and Glenn always texts and sends photos (he took my fav photo of Khan ever) and tells us how Khan is doing.

… he’s wonderful and I hope he works with dogs for a long time, before he becomes a famous actor. He’s a rare breed.

– Sheri, Crown Heights