A Dog’s Life in South Slope, Greenwood Heights and Gowanus

A Dog’s Life in South Slope, Greenwood Heights and Gowanus

For dog owners, South Slope offers the same amenities as can be found in Park Slope, but for a smaller ticket price. Prospect Park beckons from the east, but there are a few convenient dog runs close by– such as the one on 18 street and 7 ave. Lovingly maintained by the South Slope Dog Owners’ Association, this small run provides a safe and clean space for local pups to roam free.

Whatever you call your neighborhood, there are lots of fantastic places to enjoy here!

Meet your Walker

Having a childhood pet does something to a person; it makes them appreciate the wonder of animals, how loving and kind they can be, and how to treat them they way they treat you – like a best friend they never get sick of. I have kept this experience and apply it to every animal I meet, whether it is the first time or the thousandth, I always have a heart with room for more to fit!

I’ve been with ProspectBArk for a year now – and couldn’t be happier. Here’s to another year with Brookyn’s finest!

“She was so sweet with Guinness, even though it took almost a full year for him to warm up to her as much. Lauren was always on time, and never missed a day for almost four years until my Guinness passed this spring. I can honestly say that she has a passion for animals and cares very deeply for them….”

~ Elizabeth Palkoski, Gowanus