Walkin’ the dog in Sunset Park!

Walkin’ the dog in Sunset Park!

Sunset Park is a rare gem in Brooklyn’s hat; it sits atop the boro (highest altitude in Brooklyn!) and overlooks the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and Red Hook’s mythic splendor, all in one take.

If you are lucky enough to live here with your dog, you can enjoy the off-leash hours in the park before 9 am and after 6 pm. There is a tight-knit community of dog people who congregate here on weekends, amid the gaggles of Chinese kids from Brooklyn Chinatown, which borders the park at 7th avenue. Be sure to get a nice, cold icee from the food carts. Summertime is a sweet, sweet time in Sunset Park.


Meet your Walker

As an only child, the day I got my dog Pepper was life-changing. I finally had the little brother I always wanted. I took care of him from the time I was 10 until I went to college.

For me a day is not complete unless it includes a pooch.

Since moving to New York I have cared for friends’ pets regularly and happily. My apartment had become a veritable hostel for dogs. Now that I work for Prospect BArk I am able to spend every day with animals in Sunset Park. Dog walking is a joy!

“We LOVE Bianca, our dog walker in Sunset Park. In fact, the whole Prospect BArk team has been great from the moment we reached out to Chun-Soon and within 24 hours she brought Bianca and back-up dog walker Esteban to our apartment to meet us. Bianca proved to be instrumental in helping our new rescue dog Earl learn to be a good Brooklyn doggy after his traumatic early life in Alabama. Initially withdrawn and weak, Earl was lavished with love and attention by Bianca and soon developed into an equally loving and attentive dog. We especially like the notes Bianca leaves us each day affectionately detailing Earl’s activities. Also, she has been very accommodating in terms of scheduling and is always easy to reach by email or phone. When we had a baby, Bianca was fantastic, going above and beyond to give Earl extra walks while we were at the hospital. Bianca is responsible and caring and we recommend her highly.” – Neil, Sunset Park