What’s so special about ProspectBArk? Here are just a few ways we’re different, in our clients’ own words. If you would like to submit a review of your walker, just send it over — it will post here 7 days.

“Glenn is one of the nicest, kindest, easiest going guys around. He is wonderful with Khan, very smart, and I trust him fully with my prized little boy. Khan is always excited to see him, and Glenn’s calming energy is great for my dog, who tends to have a bit of separation anxiety when it comes to my husband and me. I always feel assured that Khan will be well cared for when we have a big night out, and Glenn always texts and sends photos (he took my fav photo of Khan ever) and tells us how Khan is doing.  Glenn is a fantastic option when we have an evening out- he’s wonderful and we hope he works with dogs for a long time, before he becomes a famous actor. He’s a rare breed.” – Sheri & Khan, Crown Heights


“Tully lets us know exactly what she and Buster did. She definitely reinforces his good behavior. She’s even been able to teach Buster to catch treats! It’s awesome, we had given up” — Mark, Erin & Buster, Park Slope




“It’s been a pleasure working with Prospect BArk. They are extremely dependable, and they always update us on our puppy’s travels for the day when we are away at work. In short, they have been extremely professional to work with, and they genuinely love all dogs. It’s as if they treat Sadie as one of their family members also! Most importantly to us however, is that our girl loves walking with them, and thumps her tail happily whenever she sees them walk through the door to take her out. Thank you Prospect BArk!” — Bradley & Sadie, Sunset Park



“Andrew’s notes are informative and detailed and he always answers questions that I have and provides a full update.  I like hearing that Gunner gets some wrestle-boy time, which he doesn’t get nearly enough of with me! Andrew always adds something ‘cute’ Gunner did.” — Kelly & Gunner, Park Slope




I can’t say enough glowing and wonderful things about these fabulous people. My dogs have never been happier than since Sam (principal walker and newest bestest friend) and Sergio (beloved back-up walker) have come into their lives. Dogs really are great judges of character, and my pups instantly trusted both Sam and Sergio. Chun-Soon has put together a team of people whose only agenda and priority is loving animals – and the energy they bring to their relationships with the animals is reflected in how happy and relaxed my sweet beasties are. What’s truly amazing is that the aggression issues that my Elvis had developed since we moved to Brooklyn from NC have virtually disappeared since Sam and Sergio came into his life. He just needed to have nothing but positive energy and love in his life, and now that he has that, he’s relaxed and at peace with the world. And I’m so grateful that they do sleep-overs when I go out of town (or, as Sam calls them, “slumber parties”). Thank you Chun-Soon, Sam, Sergio, and all the rest of the team!” — Catherine, Prospect Heights

“THANKS SERGIO!! I know that Zoe is getting the exercise and relief she needs in the middle of the day, and that I completely trust you to keep her safe and happy!!!” — Gina & Zoe Pants, Prospect Heights




“My dog Leroy Brown is seriously my favorite thing in the world…animal, human, or otherwise. We’ve been besties since just after 9/11, when I met and fell in love with him at first sight. He came into my life when things were so bleak, and just changed everything! The amazing thing is that I feel like Rachel Lincoln, Leroy’s walker, loves him just as much as I do. The daily notes she leaves, with details on their time spent together, are so thoughtful and entertaining. She often includes little illustrations of Leroy which I secretly keep. Her love of animals, and especially mine (I have to two cats as well that she takes amazing care of), is abundantly clear and I trust her implicitly. I cannot say enough about how safe I feel with Leroy in Rachel’s care and would recommend her to anyone, with any animal, anywhere! She is the best!!

Many thanks Rachel for all you do! You know we love you!” — Laura & Leroy, Ft. Greene

“Our dog Bella is a rescue, and although she’s made a lot of progress, she’s still very fearful of strangers, sometimes to the point of aggression. For this reason, we were extra concerned about finding the right person with the right kind of calm, loving energy to take her on her daily walks. Upon meeting Chun-Soon and Sam, Bella was immediately calm, relaxed, and happy. We immediately felt that Sam had the right combo of patience, gentleness, and enthusiasm to take care of Bella in our absence. We trust her completely and love getting her notes with updates about Bella’s moods, health, or behavior after their walks. We’ve been so happy with ProspectBArk’s services and would gladly recommend them to anyone we know with pets.” — Leinana & Bella, Prospect Heights

“Super-responsible, kind, sensitive, loving, and communicative—you couldn’t ask for more from your dog walker. I’ll admit it: my dog is my baby; I trust her with about five people in the entire world, and Amy is one of them. This woman knows dogs! My girl Markie is a rescue who’s been slowly recovering from an unfortunate puppyhood, and as such, she’s a little fragile. She’s discerning and skittish, but she runs up to Amy and performs a celebratory dance of joy as soon as she sees her. Markie is also a bundle of energy and a challenge to walk, obsessively pointing at and stalking birds and squirrels, pulling on her leash, and sprinting here and there. Luckily, Amy handles her with good humor, skill, and patience. When I’m away, I always get a text or email telling me how the walk went, and sometimes I even get photos. As a bonus, Amy is also understanding about my ever-changing schedule. Before I found Amy and ProspectBArk, I was more or less a slave to my dog’s every need. Now, with Amy on the case, I can relax and go on with my day—I’d recommend her to anyone (and I often do!). — Justine & Marcus, Greenpoint

“Matt is the best! He met Bobby during a major transition in our lives and at a time when Bobby needed a lot of love, attention and help! Both Matt and Chun-Soon provided great advice and support from the very beginning and, as a result, Bobby has relaxed and adjusted really well. Matt is incredibly flexible and I am always so psyched to hear that he does different things with Bobby during his daily visits…everything from runs (which unfortunately Bobby doesn’t love) to the dog park and playing with his toys in the apartment. The best part is that Matt leaves a note everyday! Even though I am sure there can’t be much to report some days, I love reading his daily notes when I get home. Matt has really come through when I needed someone to watch Bobby while away and I can’t tell you how easy it is to relax while away knowing that he is taking care of Bobby. If you need a dog walker, dogsitter or just a really good person for your dog to be around, Matt is your man” — Julie & Bobby, Williamsburg


“My pup bunky is a rescue pup. she is very smart (sometimes not awesome) and very hyper and incredibly sweet. she is also pretty sensitive so she is wary of people but is curious so that’s good. bunky took to Matt right away which is a good sign….in fact after he came to pick up the keys she sat at the door and gave a little whimper when he left. the first week bunky was chewing on things….we realized that her walks were not about going to that bathroom but about releasing energy. matt honestly thought about solutions for bunky, he really cared about her happiness. we are still learning but when i came home bunky was soo happy and not the normal desperate to see me and no destruction. i trust bunky with matt 110% because he really has her interest at heart. i could not be any happier! i feel very lucky to find someone who loves my pup as much as i do! thanks matt!!!!!!” — Jenny & Bunky, Greenpoint


“Since my wife and I both work from home, our schedules tend to be variable, making it hard to predict when our dog Blue will need walking mid-day. Every time we have needed someone, Chun-Soon has been available–even when we’ve called that same morning. It’s easy to tell how much Blue enjoys walking with Chun-Soon because when we come home she’s always happy and calm, which is a sure sign she got to burn off some energy during the day. The other thing we appreciate about Prospect BArk! is that we always get complete reports — including details about Blue’s mood, if she seemed extra thirsty, what treats she ate, and what other dogs she met on her walk. All three of us — my wife, myself, and Blue — heartily recommend Chun-Soon.” — Seth & Blue, PLG


“Finding a good pet-sitter can be tough. When you leave your pet at home, you want to know that the person you are paying to take care of them is doing more than just dumping food in their bowl and leaving. Until I found Chun-Soon at Prospect Bark, I had just this problem.My husband and I hired Chun-Soon to take care of our cat Ramses this last weekend and we were delighted with her work. I could tell right away when she came to meet Ramses that she was going to work out really well. She was focused on him, what he needed, and what he liked. She even had suggestions for games to play with him. While we were gone, she called to give me an update on how things were going, which I really appreciated. However, the proof is in the pudding: when we returned home we found a happy cat who didn’t even seem to notice that we had been gone. It was clear that Chun-Soon had not only fed Ramses and cleaned his box, she had also played with him to release pent-up energy and given him attention and affection so he didn’t feel abandoned. Cats are also creatures of routine, and it was clear that she had come at routine times so that he didn’t feel his schedule was disrupted. We will definitely be calling Chun-Soon when we leave on our next trip — and we’ll travel knowing that our pet is well-cared for. That peace of mind is priceless…so, thank you Prospect Bark!” – Miranda, Sid & Ramses, PLG

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