Merch for spoiled dogs and finicky cats!

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When it comes to buying stuff for your cat or dog, there’s no shortage of companies looking to sell you the latest harness, the trendiest cat furniture. Take it from us: a lot of this is overpriced junk that will be broken or unused within a month!

Don’t just rely on what your pet-owning friends recommend to you, or what your vet might get paid to promote … ask your trusty Dog Walker or Pet Sitter – not only do we buy products for our own pets, but IT IS OUR JOB TO USE PET PRODUCTS: the various leashes, harnesses, treats, supplements, booties, coats, food, and toys that our TWO-THOUSAND CLIENTS use for their cats and dogs! In short, we know what really works, what’s truly safe, and what the animals absolutely LOVE!!

On this page we will be reviewing and recommending our top PET PRODUCT PICKS “straight from the field”! We’ll also provide amazon links and, whenever possible, exclusive discount codes for ProspectBArk clients!

And because we have a soft spot for small, hardworking businesses that cater to NYC pets (hey, just like us!), we’re also working to procure exclusive discounts for our clients with amazing local pet purveyors!


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